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The Dandelion Keeper

I've posted the first five chapters of The Dandelion Keeper.  Click on the image below to find links to the chapters on ZoeWatsonNovelsDotCom!

NaNoWriMo 2008

The countdown is on!!!  NaNoWriMo starts is almost exactly a month!!!  I’m starting my outline asap…I’m thinking of posting the whole process online here for everyone to see…we’ll see what happens with that though.  There are at least two weekends where I’ll be camping with no computer in November, but I’m going to try and write as much as I can to write the 50,000 words for the writing “competition”.

I picked a title a long time ago….so hopefully I can keep to the plan that I had for this novel.

Synopsis: This Is How It Ends

One year ago Therese Shaw was a nobody sports writer for a local paper. Now she’s the hot new racing columnist for Speed TV’s coverage of the AMA Motorcross and Supercross Seasons. There’s just one problem. She’s a girl. Even worse, she knows nothing about supercross and is actually afraid of motorcycles.

With everyone from her producer to her camera man against her, she’s out to prove that not only can she can cover the fastest sport on two wheels, but that she can win the championship ratings for her company?

Enter Bryant Lindsay Barber, top rated rider and impromptu SuperCross Teacher. There’s no denying the combustible yet forbidden attraction between the two. Bryant is more than tempted, but the last thing the bad boy of the Indigo family racing team needs is another scandal jeopardizing his career.

Are they foolish enough to risk it all?

The Dandelion Keeper

 I'm still editing this story.  It's taking forever, but don't worry, it's still on my mind.

In other news...

I'm working on updating the look and feel of my website.  Hopefully a new version of it will be up before the end of the month.

Life Outside

Gotta love it.  I'm writing a song for Life Outside...well not a full song, but pieces of one for a scene in my story.  So far I've got...
Between life and the rest of it.
Try and get the best of it.

Take your time and enjoy the trip.
So hang on when life takes a dip
Cuz we are travelers on life's road
And you'll always end up in the same zip code.

Corny I know...but in pieces it seems cool...hehe


I wrote 1500+ words today on Life Outside.  The story is shaping up nicely...that is if I can get my two main characters away from a Hamptons BBQ and onto the road and have the FMC apologize for slapping my MMC! 

Life Outside...

So I'm trying to keep myself interested in Life Outside by making my fictional band Witty Tweed a little more real. I'm in the process of making a "band website" (aka the future home of the chapters of the story) as well as writing. My first activity was making an album cover.   Stay tuned for the site to become live.

Witty Tweed's first album is called "The Fabric" and here is the cover:
Witty Tweed - The Fabric 
I "borrowed" the image from Getty Images.  Hope they don't sue me...I am putting a link to their website on there!

I'm still working on the full "song list" but a few of them are as follows:

  • Burdens We Brought  (Their most famous hit.)
  • A New Way In
  • As You Drift
  • Wish (A song "rumored" to have been written for Brendan Kloiber's [male main character] son.)
I might actually attempt to write a few songs, so I can put them into scenes, but every time I've tried to write songs or poems in the past they've come out corny so I've thrown them away...we'll see about this stuff.


Good & Not So Good...

Yesterday I did 780 words, but today didn't get anything down...we'll see about getting back on track tomorrow.  I was busy at work so that took some time and I'm also trying to make a Romance Novel Template thingy so that was what I was writing on.


A Good Start to Life Outside

1146 words today!

Established the MMC's issue, a few characters, and hopefully enough of the storyline to keep me going tomorrow. 

Wish me luck...

Word Count is 0 for the moment...

I'm starting on Life Outside this morning!  stay tuned for more news on this one. 


I'm redesigning my website.  It's slow, but it's getting there.  I'm going more girly this time...so check it out...


Coming hopefully in the next week or so, the first edited chapter of The Dandelion Keeper will be released.