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Slow @ Writing...

This week has been horrible for my writing.  I guess I'll pick it up next week.  I'm going to start writing 750 a day on the story Life Outside. for novel_in_90  I'm working on the outline right now.

So far it's about a rock star who has a son and the nanny that takes care of them.  Even though it's a million and one chance that the rock star knows the nanny, I'm making part of my plot about how the nanny and the rockstar had a one night stand in Paris a few years prior since I was watching The Hills the other night and one of the characters there was seeing a Frenchman on the show while she was in the city.

My Life...

So I haven't been writing that much lately due to work projects knocking me down...yesterday was spent all day at the Board meeting for my company.  Interesting stuff.  My one boss went from VP to Exec. VP which means more work for me and I fear less time to write...we'll see...

Anyway, I wanted to post up a picture of what my work environment is like...since I'm always curious about where people do their writing.  The majority of what I do is done here:



Edited Pages -- The Dandelion Keeper


Wanna see the edited goodness?

Redline versions below:

Editing -- The Dandelion Keeper

Look for a scribbled on version of chapter one  coming soon!  I figured I'd show off my redlined version of the first chapter since I completely ripped it apart!  Its only four printed pages so I should be able to upload it and show it off.  I'll probably end up loading it to my website then putting the links/pictures up here. :)

I'm excited to edit!  :) 


I used my dad as a research reference for The Justice Hawk.  He's into sailing so he helped me explain some technical terms.  My dad and I don't get along all the time so it was nice that he could take the time to explain to me the sailing stuff.  I'm going to send him part of the story so he can see how I used his stuff. :) 


A new way for me to find ideas on what to write has come from newspaper articles.  For the backgrounds of two of my second tier characters, I took an article about a missing man and an article about three heroic men who saved someone's life and morphed them to fit my storyline.  Maybe that's cheating, but by taking the idea from real life and mixing and matching I've come up with some great stuff...is that bad?

The Dandelion Keeper

I'm going to edit this story and post it online.  Expect something to be up in a few weeks.  I've never edited a long novel before despite my years of writing...so we'll see what happens with this project! 

Six Intoxicated Perceptions

I'm developing another story from that writing excercise I did...I may end up writing it, I may not...but so far I have the characters and a few major complications/conflicts in their lives...how these all play out is beyond me...but I guess I'll figure them out eventually.  From just the summaries I've written I could probably get six novels worth of action...but I kind of wanted the story line to take place over a 72 hour period (three day weekend) of time.

Writing Exercises...

 From: Fun Exercise

Here's a fun, short exercise.  It's what we've been working on in my local writing prompt group but I'm not sure where it originated.

Pick a number, an adjective and a noun. This is your book title. Write a short summary suitable for a book jacket. 

Six Intoxicated Perceptions

A story of St. Patrick's Day 2010, in a snow covered pub where six friends reunite after six years.  Friendships are cemented, new loves blossom, old hatreds surface, and for one of them it'll be the last St. Patrick's day to celebrate. 

Plot is good...mmmmkay?

2,000+ words later and I'm four "chapters" into the story.  

I've established the problem, brought in a few characters, revealed a little bit of background and am aimed forward towards the end!   I'm not sure if my action scene is action-y enough, but it'll have to do at least for the first draft.  I'll have to ask my dad the sailer in the family to review it and add a little bit of detail to it...since he'd know what all the team members would be doing when the skipper yelled out an order.